Week 9: TSU’s BioTechnology Camp & KTC

Last week our kids got to try out Tennessee State University’s new BioTechnology Camp, hosted by Dr. Ali Taheri and Dr. Korsi Dumenyo. This is a brand new camp that gives youth the opportunity to explore the world of agriculture, biology, and technology in a science lab with real scientists each day! It’s an amazing opportunity for the kids we serve and gives them a taste of career choices that will help propel them to success in their future. Here are a few pictures from camp. Enjoy!




A link to more photos can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/tsubiotech/


We also had a second week at Kids to the Country, which is always a fun time! Kids to the Country is located in Summertown, TN on 1750 acres of land that belongs to a 45 year-old intentional community called The Farm.

Kids to the Country gives children the chance to expand their world view and experience a different way of living for a week, where they find a connection to nature and understand the importance of taking care of the things and people around us.

Thank you, Kids to the Country, for your continued partnership and investment in the children and families we serve!



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