Week 7: Deer Run, Barefoot Day Camp

It’s WEEK 7 (of 10) and we’re at Deer Run Retreats (overnight camp), Barefoot Republic and Rocketown (because who can really get enough of Rocketown?).


Here are a few quotes and pictures to start out the week:

(Deer Run)–for more photos of this camp, please go to their website: http://deerrun.camp/



Emonie (age 8): “It was soooo fun. We learned dancing, we learned songs, and we had snack and lunch. Our person that helped was nice and very funny. Her name was Miss Tay.”

Nicholas (age 6): “It was good. We had fun and ran outside and played tag and red light. And then we hit the ball and we played freeze tag. And that’s it. I don’t know they names yet, but I made some new friends. They got green shirts. And we did baseball.”

[He was also wearing a green shirt yesterday. I guess they formed a green shirt club]


Kennedi (age 8): “Okay… so at camp we went to the jumpy slide which was kind of like a water slide but it wasn’t. And, we did archery and extreme sports. And… we did soccer. And we did “Gaga Ball”—So gaga ball is like this pit where people stand in it and they try to hit the ball to the other people to their feet to make them get out and if the ball hits above your legs you are not out. You stay in the game.”

Isaiah (age 6): [While trying to contain his excitement and sound very modest says…] “We get to go on adventures. I did good at camp. And camp was… pretty good but not really that much because things got kinda awkward. Like… we been doing funny stuff but it wasn’t really funny. I got free time.”

Seven (age 5): “It was good. I’m excited about going back tomorrow”.

Gia (age 5): “I learned some dance moves today. I learned how to do a cartwheel. We also painted our nails, read a book, did cheerleading, and made leg bracelets. I got an award too for listening all day.”nails.jpg

De’ara (age 9): “Camp is fun I guess. At camp we get to do free time, we get to go on anything. We get to do anything we want. When we go to camp we pray a lot and sing a lot of songs. Let’s see… hmm… We were jumping around and singing songs. I got an award for being really nice.”


Destini (age 7): “They had a water slide. I couldn’t go down because I didn’t have my bathing suit on. I have to wear mine tomorrow so I can go down the slide.”



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