Bubble Science!

No camp this week! Happy 4th of July!! Luckily we have fun activities like bubble science to keep us entertained and keep our minds growing!

A very very special thanks to Angelica (age 10) who created Super Science Kids as a program to give science kits to kids who don’t have access to them all over the United States! She even wrote us a nice card (pictured bellow). Thanks Angelica! The kids loved the bubble kit! Thanks also to STEM lab who donated the kits to Angelica.

Here are some quotes from the kids about playing with and learning about bubbles:

Deara [age 9]: Today when we were making bubblology which was really fun because we got to play with bubbles Mr. Frankie was really nice too. We made a really huge mess with it so we had to go outside. I stopped playing with it after that then they were throwing bubbles up in the air. I had so much fun

Isaiah [age 6]: I learned that they float in water and you don’t put them in your mouth.  And I learned how to share

Emonie [age 8]: I learned that bubbles are fun, and it pour down on you, which is why we had to go inside. You can play with bubbles in different ways.




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