Week 5: YMCA Bellevue and Camp Davis!

Last week we were at Camp Davis and YMCA Bellevue. The kids had a blast. Thank you West Nashville for hosting us! Here are a few pics and quotes for your viewing!

YMCA Campers:

[Typed by] De’Ara (age 9): “When i was at the Y in Bellevue we played Sharks and menos and dodge ball. We went swimming and we are going to go to the zoo on Friday.”

Keyden (age 6): “Today we went to a camp that has swimming and then we did dinosaurs. For the dinosaurs we had to find their bones, there were little hammers and we had to take away the rocks and find the bones.”

Isaiah (age 7): “What I did at camp today was I made new friends, 2 billion friends. What I like about them is that we play hide and seek, the best hiding spot is in the kitchen behind the stove. I hid there and it took them 2 billion hours to find me! Lunch was good. I had lunch. Burgers, chicken, and meatballs and some Oreo’s. That’s all.”



2017-07-03 16.20.34


Camp Davis:

Brian (age 15): “Well like it was pretty fun but some of the rules were kinda hard…like not being able to use your phone. We got to do fun things like we went to Nashville Shores. And every day except for Friday we get to have free swim. I was CIT so I got to spend the night on Thursday. That was different.”

Gia (age 5): “I got badges. We got to go to the pool. And I made some stuff with feathers on it. It was fun.”



Camp Davis Walk to Camp

Camp Davis Landscape


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