Sleep-Away Camp Days


This week the kids are getting a chance to get away from city life and experience the more simple side of things, in the country.

A few of our children are at Kids to the Country, which is a program developed for urban youth with the intent of allowing them to get away from electronics and fast-paced daily life and connect with nature and build their world view while also learning non-violent conflict resolution strategies. This program is located at The Farm in Summertown, TN.

We also have a group of children at Barefoot Republic, and had another group attend last week as well. Here is a quote from one of our children who attended last week’s session:

I had a lot of fun. We went swimming in the lake, and I passed the test to do that and so we got to jump off of the bounce thing in the water and I swear I went like 10 feet in the air–which I don’t know how high that is, but I went really high. And there were fish in the water. I saw some catfish and there were a lot of little fish but not big fish. And we slept in bunk beds and I made friends.” -Nevaeh (age 10)


Click here to learn more about Barefoot Republic’s mission.


We also have another teen at Camp Anytown.

At Anytown, youth create a model community based on respect, understanding and peace. From this our young citizens develop skills that they can use to positively impact their communities.” (taken from Oasis Center’s website)

Here is an example of some of the things we are able to provide kids attending overnight camp, thanks to your support and generous donations!



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